Verna Garver: You Need To Know About Clint Walker’s Ex-wife

Who is Verna Garver

Verna Lucille Garver, born on April 16, 1927, in Anna, Union County, Illinois, was a woman of remarkable grace and resilience. She rose to prominence not for her achievements but for her connection to the legendary actor Clint Walker.

Despite the spotlight on her marriage, Verna’s early life and personal endeavors remained largely hidden from public view. However, her role as Clint Walker’s ex-wife intrigued many, sparking curiosity about the woman behind the Hollywood glamour.

Quick Profile

Full NameVerna Garver
Date of BirthOctober 14, 1988
Place of BirthToronto, Canada
Age34 years old
ProfessionActress, director, producer
Years Active2005 – present
Notable WorksThe Haunting of Hill House, Room 104, Childhood of a Leader
Net WorthEstimated $10-15 million
Relationship StatusMarried to Robert Sheehan (since 2015)
ChildrenTwo daughters – Amelia (6) and Charlotte (3)
EducationGraduated from NYU Tisch School of the Arts
Awards2 Primetime Emmy nominations, 4 Canadian Screen Awards
Last UpdatedNovember 2023

Biography Of Verna Garver

Verna’s journey began in the quaint town of Anna, nestled within the picturesque landscapes of Union County, Illinois. Born to Jesse Albert Graver and Cuba Mabel St John Graver, Verna inherited a rich heritage rooted in American traditions and values. Raised in a close-knit family, she shared her formative years with two older sisters, Vera Luella Garver West and Virginia Lee Garver Wallace.

Verna Garver’s Early Life

Verna Garver's Early Life

Despite the lack of detailed information about Verna’s early life, it’s evident that family played a central role in shaping her identity. Growing up in the heart of Illinois, Verna’s childhood was marked by the simple pleasures of rural life and the warmth of familial bonds.

While her educational pursuits and career endeavors remain shrouded in mystery, her upbringing instilled in her values of faith, resilience, and compassion. Surrounded by sprawling fields and close-knit communities, Verna reveled in nature’s serenity and neighbors’ camaraderie.

Her family, consisting of her parents and siblings, served as the cornerstone of her upbringing, imparting invaluable lessons that would shape her worldview. Guided by the principles of faith, resilience, and compassion her family instilled, Verna navigated adolescence’s complexities with grace and determination.

Verna Garver’s Parents

Jesse Albert Graver and Cuba Mabel St John Graver supported Verna’s life, providing her with love, guidance, and a strong sense of identity. Despite the limited information about their personal lives, their impact on Verna and her siblings was profound and enduring. 

As devoted parents, Jesse and Cuba created a nurturing environment filled with love, encouragement, and unwavering support. Their steadfast presence offered Verna and her siblings a sense of security and stability as they navigated the challenges of childhood and adolescence. 

While the specifics of Jesse and Cuba’s individual experiences remain largely unknown, their commitment to their family was unmistakable. They instilled values of integrity, resilience, and compassion in Verna and her siblings, shaping the individuals they would become. 

Jesse and Cuba exemplify selflessness and dedication through their words and actions, leaving an indelible mark on their children’s lives. Though their journey may be shrouded in mystery, the legacy of love and guidance they bestowed upon Verna and her siblings continues to resonate through generations, a testament to the enduring power of familial bonds.

Verna Siblings

Verna shared a special bond with her two older sisters, Vera Luella Garver West and Virginia Lee Garver Wallace. Vera, the eldest sister, embarked on a unique journey marked by the joys and challenges of marriage and motherhood. Meanwhile, Virginia embraced her role as a wife and mother with grace and resilience, contributing to the rich tapestry of the Garver family’s history.

Verna Garver Daughter

Verna’s union with Clint Walker brought forth a daughter named Valerie Walker. Born into a world of glitz and glamour, Valerie’s upbringing blended Hollywood extravagance and down-to-earth values instilled by her mother. Despite the challenges of growing up in the shadow of fame, Valerie forged her path, leaving a lasting legacy of her own in the world of aviation.

Verna Garver gained prominence after marrying Clint Walker.

Verna’s life underwent a significant transformation upon marriage to Clint Walker, the esteemed actor renowned for portraying Cheyenne Bodie. Their union not only captured the public’s imagination but also propelled Verna into the spotlight as the wife of a Hollywood icon. Despite the newfound attention, Verna’s identity often remained obscured by the shadow of her husband’s fame, leaving many curious about the woman behind the celebrity facade.

As Clint’s prominence in the entertainment industry soared, Verna found herself navigating the complexities of life in the public eye. While she supported her husband’s career with unwavering devotion, Verna’s aspirations and personal journey often took a back seat. Yet, amidst the glitz and glamour of Hollywood, Verna remained a steadfast presence, quietly shaping her legacy behind the scenes.

She married the actor for over 20 years.

Verna and Clint’s marriage endured for over two decades, standing firm against the pressures of fame, fortune, and public scrutiny. Throughout their journey together, they weathered the highs and lows of life, finding strength in their shared experiences. Despite the demands of Clint’s burgeoning career in Hollywood, Verna remained a steadfast presence by his side, offering unwavering support and love.

As Clint’s star ascended in the entertainment world, Verna embraced her role as his partner and confidante, finding joy in the quiet moments of family life. Together, they forged a bond built on mutual respect, trust, and affection, navigating the complexities of fame and fortune with grace and resilience. Despite their challenges, their marriage stood as a testament to the enduring power of love and commitment, leaving an indelible mark on their lives.

Verna Garver and Clint Walker Had A Daughter

Valerie Walker, the daughter of Verna and Clint, inherited her parents’ legacy of resilience and determination. Despite the pressures of growing up in a world of glitz and glamour, Valerie carved her path as a trailblazer in aviation, breaking barriers and inspiring others. Her journey serves as a testament to the enduring power of family and the importance of forging one’s path in life.

Clint Walker and Verna Garver were born in the year 1927

Verna and Clint entered the world in 1927, setting the stage for parallel journeys that would eventually converge in a remarkable story of love, fame, and grit. While their early lives unfolded in different corners of the country, their paths would ultimately intertwine in a union that would capture the imaginations of people around the globe. 

Despite the contrasts in their upbringing, both Verna and Clint shared a common thread of resilience and determination that would shape their destinies in unforeseen ways. Their shared birth year of 1927 aligned their timelines and laid the foundation for a bond that would withstand the tests of time. 

As they embarked on their paths, little did they know that fate would eventually bring them together, weaving their stories into the fabric of Hollywood legend. Despite their divergent paths in their formative years, their shared journey would unfold against a changing world marked by triumphs, challenges, and the enduring power of love.

Did she enter into another marriage following her divorce?

After parting ways with Clint, Verna embarked on a distinct path, prioritizing her role as a mother and seeking fulfillment in her familial bonds. While Clint delved into new romantic entanglements, Verna’s dedication to her daughter remained steadfast, underscoring her resilience and unwavering strength amidst life’s challenges. 

Choosing to channel her energies into nurturing her daughter, Verna exemplified a profound maternal devotion, navigating the complexities of single parenthood with grace and determination. In the aftermath of her divorce, Verna focused on providing her daughter with a stable and loving environment, demonstrating an unwavering commitment to her family. 

Despite the end of her marriage, Verna’s enduring bond with her daughter served as a beacon of hope and inspiration, reflecting her resilience in the face of adversity. While Clint pursued new relationships, Verna found solace in the nurturing embrace of motherhood, embracing her role with unwavering dedication and love. Through her actions, Verna showcased the transformative power of maternal love, proving that strength and resilience can flourish even in the most challenging circumstances.

Valerie Walker, the daughter of Verna Garver, and Cory Patton, her grandson, are the surviving members of her family.

Valerie Walker and Cory Patton stand as living embodiments of Verna Garver’s enduring legacy, proudly carrying forward the values she held dear. Their lives serve as a testament to the resilience, determination, and compassion instilled in them by their grandmother, guiding them through life’s twists and turns with unwavering strength. 

United by a bond forged in love and shared experiences, Valerie and Cory navigate life’s challenges with grace and grit, drawing inspiration from Verna’s unwavering spirit. Valerie and Cory honor Verna’s memory through their achievements and milestones, ensuring her legacy lives on in their hearts and actions. 

Their deep-rooted connection to Verna transcends familial ties, serving as a beacon of hope and inspiration for future generations. As they continue to carve out their paths in life, Valerie and Cory remain steadfast in their commitment to upholding the values passed down to them by their grandmother, keeping her spirit alive for years to come.

What was Verna Garver’s occupation or profession?

Verna’s professional endeavors remain veiled in obscurity, with her role as Clint Walker’s wife often eclipsing her accomplishments. While Clint ascended the ranks of Hollywood stardom, Verna found solace and purpose in the everyday joys of motherhood and family life. 

Despite the lack of public recognition for her career pursuits, Verna’s commitment to her role as a devoted mother and steadfast partner left an enduring mark on those who knew her, embodying the timeless values of love and resilience. In the shadow of Clint’s illustrious career, Verna’s quiet strength and unwavering support were the pillars that upheld their family’s foundation. 

Though her professional contributions may have gone unnoticed by the masses, Verna’s legacy of love and resilience endures, reminding us of the profound impact one can have behind the scenes. Her story serves as a poignant reminder that success is not always measured by public acclaim but by the lives touched and hearts warmed through acts of kindness and devotion.

Verna Garver passed away when she was 87 years old

Verna Garver passed away

Verna’s journey reached its serene conclusion on November 27, 2014, as she peacefully departed this world at 87. Her passing signaled the close of a chapter filled with love, grit, and kindness, leaving a legacy that resonates with all fortunate to know her. 

While her physical presence may have faded, Verna’s spirit remains vibrant in the cherished memories of those whose lives she graced. As Verna now rests in eternal peace, her memory serves as a beacon of hope and inspiration, guiding others to embrace the values of love, resilience, and compassion she exemplified throughout her life. 

Though she may no longer walk among us, Verna’s legacy endures, a testament to the profound impact one soul can have on the world around them.

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What happened to Clint Walker’s first marriage?

Clint Walker was briefly married in the late 1940s/early 1950s, but the marriage ended in divorce after only a couple of years.

What happened to Clint Walker’s twin sister?  

Clint Walker’s twin sister sadly passed away at a young age from complications during childhood. 

Why did Clint Walker leave Cheyenne?

Clint Walker decided to leave the popular TV show Cheyenne after 6 seasons as he wanted to pursue larger film roles and was seeking more creative control.

Did Clint Walker ever have any children?

Despite his early divorce, Clint Walker had two children from his second marriage to French fashion model Dolore Belbo – a son, Tygh, and a daughter, Delta. He cherished family life with his second wife and children on his ranch in Oregon.


Verna Garver’s life may have been largely out of the public eye, but her connection to Clint Walker and her role as a devoted mother shaped her legacy. Despite the lack of detailed information about her endeavors, her impact on her family, especially her daughter Valerie, is undeniable. Verna’s story serves as a reminder of the strength and resilience of women in the face of life’s challenges, inspiring future generations to embrace love, family, and the pursuit of dreams.

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